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Name : Leah & Jenny Martorana
It was Karaoke night at the Irish Circle in Rockaway after one of our Rockaway Beach volleyball games. The Bay Ridgeites--Joe McGiveney, John, and "the sisters"--got up to sing SURFIN' USA (it was a Bay Ridge vs. Rockaway thing). Without discussing what we'd due during the instrumental part of the song, Joe and John dove to the floor and instantly became the surf boards that "the sisters" rode. The four of us were a hit that night and in demand for encore performances everytime we went back to the Irish Circle. Others have tried to top us, but have had to admit that nobody could do it better than us. John, you brought a lot of laughter into our lives. We thank you for your friendship and great sense of humor. You will always be in our hearts. Love, Jenny and Leah ("the sisters")
Name : Danielle (Orsini) Pandolfi
I know you don't know me but I met John a few times because he worked with my dad, Ron Orsini, who also was killed on September 11. Perhaps they were together seeking comfort from each other. I write this today to say how terribly sorry I am for your family and friends as I too know the pain you are going through. I think of my dad every day. He missed the birth of his first grandchild by 15 days. The few times I met John he was always a happy and sensitive man. It is a shame that our loved ones had to be taken from us so soon. Please know that you are all in my thoughts every day. Seek comfort in knowing that John is an angel looking out for you all. With much love, Danielle
Name : Donny Sexton
I met John through the "World Series of Poker". While many of us seemed to take the game so seriously, John had a ball; wearing funny hats, telling jokes, etc. Even though I only saw him once a yaer, you had to admire a man who got so much fun from life. I can take a lesson from that. I will miss him.
Name : Jody and Sam, Audra and Kevin, Steven and Mary,
Please know that you are in our thoughts at this very trying time. We will always be praying for the Sbarbaro Family and all the other Families who have lost loved ones. God Bless
Name : Ronnie and Rosey
Please know you are in our thougts and prayers at this very trying tim. We will alway be praying for the Sbarbaro Family and all the other Families who have lost loved on. God Bless
Name : Joanie - Judy's sister-in-law
I think back and remember how Jack and I could always trust good old Uncle John to teach our kids the right way to do things. He's the best! Just a few years ago when we got together at Christmas time to help Judy and John decorate their Christmas tree at their place we started with just a little (?) wine and Uncle John had Jack and Julie sit on the couch - he sat between them. He picked up an ornament and threw it at the tree. He then had the kids give it a try. If the ornament hooked itself on a branch that's where it stayed and the kids thought this was the best decorating party ever. We all had a good laugh till the kids came home and tried to do our tree the same way. We'll always remember the laughs you gave us.
Name : Kay Heldrich
I knew John since the day he was born and always loved him. When you were with John, his zest for life was felt by all around him. I will always vividly remember John at Kathy's wedding - he stood out from the crowd as he danced the night away with his beautiful wife, Judy. I truly love you John and always will. All my love, Kay Heldrich
Name : Mike Hoffman
To the Sbarbaro Family, you are in my thoughts and prayers - a friend.
Name : Mary Bivona
It doesn’t surprise me how many titles John Sbarbaro had. He was so many things to so many people and sometimes people had two or three names for him. To Judy he was her Husband, soul mate, boyfriend, best friend, sports buddy, and John would refer to Judy as the Love of His Life! (Which was so obvious!) He was also a brother in law, golfing buddy, vacation specialist to Tony and Roxanne! To my friends and I, he was “Captain”. We named him “Captain” because of his wonderful leadership and organizational skills, especially when it came to planning vacations. I met John and Judy through my great friend Patty O’Rourke. They were planning a skiing vacation with John, Judy and two of John’s friends. Since, at that time, I was new to the gang, I thought it would be appropriate to pack my bathrobe. As I was packing, I can remember thinking, I hope they don’t laugh at me for bringing a bathrobe. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine John would be sporting my bathrobe and doing a dance for Judy, Patty, Bob, and I. We laughed so hard! John looked better in the robe then I ever did! I know John is in Heaven hanging out with St. Peter at the pearly gates. He is in his angel garb, but instead of the traditional halo, he is wearing the Cat in the Hat hat! He is helping St. Peter to greet all of the new arrivals and when I arrive, Captain John will tell me what to do and where to go. As he turns around, true to form, Captain John’s butt will be hanging out of the back of his robe, and I’ll give him a look and he’ll give me that great wonderful smile. I can’t wait to see him! John’s love lives within all of us and we need to spread it and share it! This is an extremely horrific time, but with the help of my Captain and love he has given all of us we will get through it! God bless everyone and thank you God for bringing John into my life. I am a much better person, for knowing him. Judy, I will always be here for you! You are simply the Best!
Name : flash
hey john, my family and I are heartbroken at the loss your family suffers. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Judy, Rox, Tony, Kathy, Mom, and your entire family. I wish you eternal peace and know that you will take care of those who loved you. You will be missed but never forgetten. Please help me with those 2 foot putts. love you, flash
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