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Name : Jimmy - Jackie's husband
As I sit here and write this note, I still have a bit of hope in me that you will turn up somewhere, having spent the last four weeks playing golf! While I have only known you for a relatively short time (7 years), my heart aches for losing you. As evidenced by the many other heartfelt messages posted above mine, by both family and strangers, your goal in life goes on. Even after you've passed through the gates of Heaven, you continue to touch and enrich our lives here on earth. My memories of you focus on the many family gatherings - the happier times. I'll never forget the Invisible Man, the surfboard, the countless jokes at Christmas (and the gag gifts) and my son, Christopher smelling your feet! Most of all John, I'll never forget you. You truly were a gift that enriched our lives. May we all take a lesson from the way you lived life - enjoy it to the fullest each day. Sadly, if more people treated life as you did or loved as you did, there wouldn't be the need for this site. Say hello to Robert for me and save me a drink...
Name : Lyle - Nephew
John- I really don't know where to start, because you touched our lives in so many ways. There are so many fond memories that I have, that a website isn't enough. Some of my favorite memories are: The time at Great Adventure when you bought all of us the Indian feather head dress. We looked like complete fools, (we even got called "the Griswalds" by another family), but we were the last two to walk around proud in our new "hats". And of course our famous christmas gifts. We also seemed to pick each other in the grab bag every year and yet we would come up with a new gag to top the other each time. The way you were there for Aunt Judy through good and tough times and the way you were there for the rest of us will always be remebered. You always put other first, and never failed to bring a smile to a whole room of people, regardless of the circumstance. If I am lucky, one day I can say that I lived my life like you did and I hope I can touch a fraction of the people's life that you did. We'll definitely wil always miss you, but know that you'll always be with us (especially when I shank a golf ball into the woods). Save me a bar stool next to you and Uncle Rob. Next round is on me.
Name : Cousin Nancy
Well I guess the family secret is out Joanie. I also had a crush on Johnny. I can remember while growing up thinking what a cool guy Johnny was - handsome, athletic, funny, and always had a way of making even the youngest cousins feel special. I know now as an adult that my initial impression was correct - Johnny was a cool guy. What a great sense of humor! Our family get togethers weren't complete if Johnny didn't have a wisecrack or two (or three) to add. I don't think even one wedding escaped the interesting "table games" that Johnny would concoct to keep us amused. I'm not absolutely sure, but I'd put some money on a bet that Johnny was the mastermind behind "Bean Nancy with the Waterballoons" at the most recent family picnic. But you know what, he was always there, participating fully in those events, and making it so much darned fun for the rest of us. As I was sitting here and remembering Johnny, the tears began to fall. My four year old daughter asked why Mommy was sad. I told her because someone Mommy loved had gone to heaven and there were many people in the family hurting. She left the room, but came back a few minutes later holding something in her hand. She was holding a band-aid. "Here, Mommy" she said, "Maybe this will help their boo-boos." I wish it was that easy, Olivia. I wish a band-aid could make it all better. I wish a lot of things. But most of all I wish that each of us who knew Johnny will hold him close to our hearts and honor his memory by making sure that we take the time to let our loved ones know how special they truly are. That would make him proud. I want to make him proud. Judy, Aunt Rose, Billy, Kathy and the rest of the Sbarbaro family - I love you all and please know how very blessed I feel to be part of this wonderful family. And to Johnny, keep everyone up there laughing and smiling and maybe someday, in the not too distant future, we'll all find a reason to smile again too.
Name : JoAnne and Freddy Mule'
Dear Judy and Sbarbaro family, I didn't feel it was my place to sign this beautiful remembrance book, but when I saw the thoughts of strangers, I realized it is a place for anyone!!! I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know John very well, but I do know that he was wonderful and that he will be missed desperately. You are lucky to have had him in your lives. I got a glimpse of his sense of humor and his gift of gab at Jeanne's b-day party...just two months ago. I really enjoyed sitting with him!!! I will always turn my face to heaven to put my lipstick on!!! God bless you all and just know that people are thinking of you. This is a beautiful tribute to your John. Love, JoAnne
Name : .
Memories keep those we love close to us forever. Hold fast to your memories, to all of the cherished moments of the past, to the blessings and the laughter, the joys and the celebrations, the sorrow and the tears. They all add up to a treasure of fond yesterdays that you shared and spent together, and they keep the one you loved close to you in spirit and thought. The special moments and memories in your life will never change. They will always be in your heart, today and forevermore.
Name : Tim Kash
Being away from NYC has meant being outside in the west ( a difficult distance when I want to be there to lend my support to my family and friends)... and also looking back through my memories. I have some very fond memories of all the Sbarbaro family, including John. I'm sending my sincere condolances and I hope that you all know peace and find solace. God bless John and you all.
Name : Gisele Assile
Dear Mrs. Sbarbaro, Bill, Corinne, Kathy and Judy, family and friends: I have just spent some of my morning reading the wonderful tributes to John and seeing glimpses of his life in the wonderful pictures you posted. I remember meeting him at Beth's wake and once before then through Billy and Corinne. I did not have the privilege of knowing him. Please know that, along with so many others, you and John are in my thoughts and prayers. How very proud you must be of his life and the legacy he leaves behind in the people he touched. He is now in a better place and watching over us. May God be with you.
Name : Rick Ortiz
John, Thank you for your guidence, on the field and off. Thank you for showing me by example that you can acomplish anything you set your mind to. Thank you for all of the Booze you gave us to Celebrate our victories or to drown our sorrows. I'll never forget my housewarming when you pulled up to my house, looked at Rafe and said "This is gods country" Whenever I look up on a clear night, I know that's where you are. Your family and friends, will keep you in their hearts always...
Name : Thomas Pierno & family
Through the most unplanned connection, I have known and come to loved the Sbarbaro family. Kathy, since the day I met you, I knew that you were raised by the most caring and loving family anyone could hope to be born into. And although we never met John, I share the pain that you and you family now endure. May your family attain peace and comfort in knowing that John and the thousands of others that are gone have kindled something in America that has been sleeping for a very long time. That is: A true love for the country we call home, and an appreciation of the price some pay for the liberty we so casually enjoy.
Name : Lyndell Smith (Rockne #99)
Dear Coach: You were and inspiration to me on and Off the football field . You were always there down at football practice even when you knew only 10 guys would show up. You did not have to be there but you were, everytime. You have always been there for me and for the team As a father figure for us all. You will always be my number #1 football coach and i will always be you number #1 fan. Who's the best? John Who? John! Who? john Love always and God bless you
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