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Name : Kathy - your "little" sister
It has been a very long year - we all miss you terribly and are doing our best to take it day by day. You are never far from my thoughts - latley I've been thinking of some things I hadn't thought about in a while - like the time you watched Jeopardy with me and Trisha and we both thought that you were so smart because you knew all the answers. Then you confessed that you had seen the show an hour earlier. Or the time that you took me to the Price club with that white pizza van of yours to buy a TV for my new (on my own) house - knowing you and how you "loved" to shop - I should have known that you would take me 15 minutes before the store closed. Or the times when we were much much younger and played basketball in the yard or you were playing guitar - I know you were just humoring me - your little sister letting me hang around or play together but you are my big brother and I loved those times. One more memory - when I was pregant and you and Judy came up to Goshen for the weekend to have dinner and we played cards and watched that stupid Big Momma movie (you and Steve fell asleep & me and Judy watched it)- it made me realize that I was no longer just your "little" sister but your friend as well. I have a copy of the picture of you wearing that silly Moose ears (Moose and Squirrel) right where I can see it everyday - it always makes me smile - even Ryan laughs when he looks at it - you must be playing look with him too. Forever your little sister.........
Name : Bomber
Just wanted to say hello, I know you read this thing. Help me keep the ball on the fairway, I'm sure there's something you can do. Thanks pal.
Name : The General
Hey 80, just thinking of you. Keep me in your thoughts
Name : Jeanne
John, it has taken me seventeen months to address your memorial. The last time I saw you was at my 40th surprise party. The real surprise was seeing you and Judy there. I have a picture with my big mouth open to remember that moment!! I'll never forget the summer that I met you Judy and "My BOB!!" You all made me feel so special and comfortable at a time in my life when I was feeling so out of place. Josephine and Rafe were my friends, and on that day the three of you became my friends too. After all did you all think that I'd serve hot dogs the way I did to you guys to just anybody?!?! That day you told me that one day I'd meet the right person and find out what happiness was really about. The day of baby Rafe's Christening, we were sitting at the bar and Eddie said something that made me belly laugh. I remember your beautiful smile and you said "see I told you, he is a great guy, I'm so happy for you." I have a picture of you and your very sweet, very beautiful Judy on my refrigerator. I will always remember you and feel blessed to have known such a special person, who touched so many lives in so many different ways. Rest In Peace...Love Jeanne HOT-DOG and Eddie Canlon too!
Name : Kathy - your little sister
Happy Birthday John..... I really miss you and think of you daily - with a smile of course. You are never far from us.... Hey I am teaching Ryan to play "Look" Uncle Johnny style. 4/3/03
Name : Bay Ridge friend
Remembering Johnny every day in prayer at daily mass. May God bless all of you for your loving tributes and vivid memories of your very dear, generous, fun-loving, smart, silly & gregarious #80. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,JOHN!
Name : Kathy - your "little" sister
Well it is official - there is another one of you running around. Steve and I had a baby boy on May 19th - we are proud to have named him after you - Johnathan Michael (yes we do know that you are John and not Johnathan but you are a hard act to follow so we gave him a little bit of his own). Our wishes are that he turns out to be the man that you are and that you are always looking over him - his own personal guardian angel. Mom already sees him with a moustache wearing my wedding dress... Ryan is a great big brother to Johnathan so I am sure that he will let him play with your football.... We love and miss you.....
Name : Liz Kennedy
Dear Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother; I remember him very well. I just found the website recently and I think it's a wonderful tribute to him. I didn't realize you had lost your sister as well. Please give my regards to your mother.
Name : Colleen
Still in my prayers on this day of remeberence.
Name : Jackie- your niece
Today marks the second anniversary and what can I say but that "we really miss you". There is not a day that you do not come into my mind. I remmeber all the great things you have done. I also remember to live my life to it's fullest. Christopher keeps asking about you. We tell him that you are our ANgel and that you are taking care of us. Every once in a wahile Patrick and Chris will get a balloon and they'll ask me if they can send it up to the skies to the angels. I tell them that it is fine. Then Chris will say that either you, Uncle Robert or even Grandpa will get it. I wish Patrick would have gotten to have known you better. I love you. Tell Uncle Rob and Grandpa, "I Love them and miss them too." Do me one favor please look out for us and protect us.
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