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Name : J. Kevin Atwell
Our thoughts and prayers to our buddy Johnny on this two year anniversary. Played Rockne Jr. ball with Johnny and my brother Bill. I still look at our team picture and it makes me laugh when I focus on Johnny. Shared Breezy, Tun's, Libation's etc... Johnny will be sorely missed by us and anyone who has ever know him. Our thoughts to his family, always. The Atwell Brothers, Bill, Kevin, Mike.
Name : 38
9-11-03...47 and 38 stopped by 1 WTC to say hi to 80. It was great playing golf with 65 and 23 Saturday. (Boy, that's a lot of numbers!)
Name : Kathy - your little sister
It's 2 years later and it is still unbelievable. I miss you terribly. Wait until the boys get older - boy will we have stories to tell about their Uncle Johnny. You are always in our hearts and thoughts.
Name : rafe chierchio
johnny. a day hasnt gone by yet that i dont think about you. i am grateful for that, at least. i love you. rafe
Name : Kathy - your little sister
Merry Christmas!!!! Missing you each day and wishing you were here to see the boys and how much they have grown.... as well as for us to see you..
Name : Tucker
Hey Buddy, just wanted to let you know you were thought of and missed at the WSOP this year as always. you would have loved it. It's now 39 strong. You are in our minds and our hearts always. Hope you got to look down and enjoy some of the action.
Name : Colleen Hansen
September 2004...Remembering and praying for you and your family. God Bless.
Name : Kathy - your"little" sister
John, Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. The boys are growing so much - you would get a kick out of them. Ryan loves sports - right now he likes baseball and he hits pretty good and he also loved to play golf (okay it's goofy golf but...) and Johnathan loves to have fun (his new thing is to stick his tongue out - remind you of anyone). Guess they both have some of Uncle Johnny in them. Please watch over them. Missing you..... We love you..... 9-11-04
Name : Kathy - your sister
Thinking of you - not a day goes by that we don't think of you and Beth and Mom and Dad - missing you all
Name : Kaitlyn Ross
We miss and love you john. I watch the twin Tower tribute every year and I always see your name. Our friends always call because they say your name.
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