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Name : anonymous
I have been here before...i just want to tell you that it was a beautiful service today (10/13). The songs were wondeerful..."Another You" was perfect, as was "Let there Be Peace On Earth" was so significant and fitting. God bless you all and may you take comfort in knowing that others are thinking of you and wishing you well.
Name : Henry Filbert
I remember growing up& watching John playing football for the Tuns Tigers.My brother Frip told me about John's being gone and it brought tears to my eyes.I'll remember him and his family in my prayers.He always treated me nicely,and was always fun to be around,especially as a little kid.My life was touched by John as was many other people's lives.He will never be forgotten.Live forever in the comforting arms of God,our Father,John,as you will live forever in our hearts.Again,my deepest sympathies to his dear family,may you find peace in God.
Name : Don & Susan Mulligan
Name : Paul Ferro
As I can clearly see throughout this book John has touched the lives of many people. He will always have a place in my heart. His determination to make the best of any situation is something beyond comprehension, but he was always able to pull it off no matter what the circumstances. His ability to make you laugh is something that I will always remember him by. A person of his stature doesn't come along to often in life and I feel lucky just to have known him.
Name : Joe DiGirolomo
I first met John at Bugouts wedding,my brother Steve introduced us.We found we had something in common(Sports).Although,John rooted for the wrong teams.We'd love getting on each other if our teams weren't having a good year.I played football and softball at Libations with him and couldn't ask for a better teammate.But more importantly you couldn't ask for a better friend.When my car broke down and I had to get to work,John gave me the van with the frozen pizza's in the back.If I had a problem to work out,John would sit and talk,and I'll never forget spring training in Florida.(I laughed for 4 days).In '91 I moved to another country(Long Island)and didn't see the guys in Bay Ridge that often.But whenever we'd get together I'd always hoped to see John.I;m so glad I got see him at Richie's house on Sept. 2nd.He told he wanted to be a teacher.He said he would make a great teacher,and he would love working with the kids.(John was great at whatever he put his mind to).The one drawback was he needed to go back to school,and he didn't want to that.I wish he had.John til we meet again,I love you and miss you.
Name : Patty O'Rourke
Kathy, although I've only met you a few times, you remind me so much of your brother John, and that is a wondergul thing. What a beautiful tribute you have created in his memory. I have had the pleasure of being John and Judy's friend for over 15 years. As evidenced by this beautiful memorial, and the tremendous turnout at his memorial mass on Saturday 10/13,John has touched the lives of so many in nothing but a positive way. John was a very special man, who ALWAYS had a way of making the people around him laugh, and feel great. Your smile lit up a room, and you were an inspiration to us all. Judy and John had a magical relationship that everyone was envious of. There was always a certain level of comfort and happiness that both of you together brought to anyone around you. John was our captain that we looked up to for a laugh, financial advice, support, golf tips, Mets cheers, the list goes on and on. John will be missed beyond words to describe, but, his spirit and love live on in each and everyone of us. He was taken away from us much too soon, but, now we celebrate his life so very well lived! John will never be forgotten, just fondly remembered. I have been blessed and fortunate to have known John, and my life is richer beacause he and Judy have been a big part of it. Judy, I always thought that John was a pillar of strength for you who have endured far too much. After your beautiful tribute to John at his celebration of Life mass, I have come to the conclusion that you have been the source of strength and hope for all of us. John was so proud of you yesterday, as we all were. Yours and Reif's tributes were nothing more than perfect. Don't worry John, your little Judy is in good hands, and we all promise to take excellent care of her. John, I know you are in heavan now, and there will never be "Another You".
Name : Dan Doll
In found out about John through Scot Booth. John and I were teamates back inthe Tuns/Libations era. After reading Eddie O'T's message, I found it hard to read further. I recently saw John at Frippy's batchelor party at Chadwick's. We caught up on the past 10 years that night. It was refreshing to see John, Brian, Scot, Turk, Bill M and Roy D that night. A bunch of people who were enjoying life. I have been out of the Bay Ridge scene since moving to NJ in 1985. I am an Operating Engineer for the Dept Of Sanitation. I was sent fromFresh Kills Landfill to Ground Zero on Tuesday night(9/11) to begin clearing debris. What I saw is indescribable. By Thursday, I began getting Emails and phone calls about people I knew who were missing. I worked at GZ until Friday night. I had seen enough. I was transferred back to the Landfill on SI. I am working 12 hrs/7 days a week. The debris was being shipped to the Landfill to be sorted for evidence. I did this for two weeks. Finally, I decided I had had enough. It was a gruesome task. So far, I have attended four memorial services for people missing at the WTC. A friend of mine who is missing left behind a wife and five kids. Scot told me about the service on Sat for John. I told him could no attend because I had to work. I told him I said a prayer for John at 10 Am. I hope that you are able to move on from this senseless tradgey. It will not be easy. However, from the remembrance notes I have read, it appears there are many people who love you. Hopefully, justice will prevail.
Name : Eunice Pimental
Judy, I am sending my prayers and thoughts with you and your John. Although you do not know me, I am a friend of Kathy Downing, and she has told me many stories about the fun you both had together. The web site in John's honor was a credit to him. He obviously had a wonderful life which I'm sure was a direct result of the love you shared. Take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts. Sincerely, Eunice Pimental Malden, Massachusetts
Name : Turk
Words can't descride the loss to the Tuns/Libations family,and on a personal level me.Walking into O.L.A.on Saturday was emotionally uplifting.The thing about the Tuns-Libations team was toughness.We were not the biggest,the fastest,the strongest,but we usually won.When you look at the defining qualites of that team you realize how much Johnny meant to all of us.The football was just a part of what us rag-tag fun loving group of guys were about,it was about being there for each other.So many people showed up on Saturday for John,but it pales in comparison to the times John has showed up for us.The one thing that will always live in my mind when we were playing the Stupid Bowl game,a game played every year,Joe"The Ref"McGivney said next score wins.Johnny walked over+said"Throw me the ball it's cold+were out of beer"Two seconds later Johnny made a great catch and walked of the field like he did it all the time.He did do it all the time.
Name : Liz (Kash) Stroppel
Kathy, Judy, Billy, Mrs. Sbarbaro, and All, This sight is such a wonderful tribute to John! I‘m sure it brings you comfort to see how many lives he’s touched. And it keeps on growing! I’d like to add a memory: Kathy, Johnny came over to me at your wedding and gave me a big hug. He said he had just found out that I was the one who had fixed you up with Steve, and he wanted to thank me for introducing you to such a great guy. He was SO happy to see his baby sister so happy! I immediately ran over to Morgan to brag, “Johnny Sbarbaro hugged me!” I knew that she’d be jealous, so I just couldn’t resist! For as long as I can remember, we all had a little crush on him (especially Morgan). And he was always so nice to us! I’ll never forget that.
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