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Name : The Ross Family {cousins Of Johnny}
We miss and love you john. I watch the twin Tower tribute every year and I always see your name.What a wonderful tribute for a very wonderful guy. All of the family miss's you. We pray for you every night.WE MISS YOU VERY,VERY, MUCH JOHNNY. YOU ARE IN OUR ALWAYS HEARTS.
Name : Dan Doll
As the fall football season aproaches, I think of those fine days playing for TUNS in the SI Two Touch league. The first person I thought of was John. I still find this loss hard to believe but something I must accept. On Friday, a close friend of my son (26 years old)and two of his friends, were driving at night from San Diego to a campsite in Arizona. On the way, they were hit by a tractor trailer going 65 mph. The two in the front seat were killed instantly while the boy in the back seat is critical. Another very sad situation where innocent people were killed. It is a loss for everybody. But, you can always remember the good times.
Name : rafe
little rafe started football yesterday... and away we go....i love you brother. rafe
Name : Kathy
In these 5 years so much has changed but one thing that hasn't is that we still think about you and miss you every day. I know that you, Dad, Mom and Beth are looking over all of us and smiling. We are smiling back - never forgotten. We love you........ 9-11-06
Name : Joanie
To Kathy and Billy, We are thinking of you ,as well as Johnny, Beth, Uncle Bill and Aunt Rose. 09/11/06.
Name : Colleen Hansen
Thinking of you and your family. 9-11-06
Name : Kaitlyn Ross
9/11/06 Thinking of you john. We all miss you every day.
Name : JD
I always ended up hitting the pink ball out of bounds with you, rafe & Civ. Oh well... Just surfin the net on the 5th anniv & read through all the notes on how much you were loved & missed. Boy - you are loved & missed.jd
Name : Pat Doran
Kathy, I've been thinking back on my years in Bay Ridge, Baruch College, Tuns Tavern, and of course John. John and I had a blast in college and were always looking to scam people to get a leg up on the rest of the crowd. John and I would watch Jet games and drink beer and once in awhile open up a book. He was truly one of a kind-you now that better than anyone. God Bless! With much love, Pat
Name : Kaitlyn
five years has gone by and I still miss you very much. This is the five christmas coming up without you. 12/12/06 Ps. This year the Jets might make it to the playoffs. I am going to route for them this year. MISS YOU SO MUCH.
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