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Name : Dan Iburg
John I hope you and Hambone are on the first Tee looking down on us. I hope you both shoot an 18 all holes in one. This way you can enjoy the clubhouse, have one for me.
Name : Joan Maresca Butman
gone temporarily, but certainly not forgotten. joanie
Name : Pat Doran
Happy Anniversary up there pal! Can not believe it has been 9 years. I think about you a lot and all the fun we had together scamming our way through Baruch College. Brothers and bartenders in arms. I always considered you the brother I never had John. Jets play tomorrow night-opening game so get comfortable and grab a cold one. Miss you man. Peace.
Name : Paula
May you be in peace always
Name : JoAnne Durnin
Think of you often and miss you at our family gatherings.
Name : Kathy
Happy Birthday John!!!! Still missing you and thinking of you!!!! 4/3/2011
Name : Gwendolyn Griffin
Hello John, We have never met but I remember my best friend Kathy Downing's worry about you and Judy on that tragic day. Over the years I have come back to this page and read about you and the people who love you. It is so very clear to me what a wonderful man you were. I cannot imagine what Judy and all of your loved ones have been through nor can I imagine what you yourself went through. This page helps me to keep that day in my mind and all those affected in my heart and my prayers. I may never have met you but I will never forget you. God Bless You All. 9-10-11
Name : Colleen
God Bless....9/11/11
Name : Pat Doran
Hey Brother. Can't believe today is ten years since you left us for a better place. Actually spoke to Marco and Butta recently so if your ears were ringing you will know why. We talked about all the good times we shared and it was fun but I miss you pal. Opening night tonight-Jets and Cowboys. Assume you have your seat and a few cold ones ready? Rest in Peace John and know you are thought of often.
Name : Kathy
Always in our hearts - forever. We love and miss you 9/11/2011
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