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Name : Skippy Gorman
Judy. Please except my hearfelt condolences for your terrible loss. I'll always remember the good times I had with John. The Hamptons, Breezy Point, softball at Tuns and Libations. I was with U&D last night and we were talking and laughing about a ski trip to Tahoe many years ago that culminated in the trashing of my apartment in San Francisco. I am glad that I got to see John at Frippys bachelor party in August. God bless and watch over you. Rest in peace Johnny.
Name : Marygrace Cottingham
To Judy, Rose, Billy and Kathy, My prayers and love are with you. I believe it is not the amount of your time on this earth but what you do with the time your given. From all the outpouring of love, good times, memories, good friends and laughs John had you would think that he lived to be 1000. It must be comforting to know that everyone else felt what you already knew, that John was a funny, smart handsome, loving, wonderful person. Kathy, you were very special to John I remember at your wedding Judy, John and I toasting you (but after five shots I can't remember what we said). Stay strong.
Name : Jerry Byrne
I had the pleasure of getting to know John when I worked w/ him at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was a hard worker, good & loyal friend, and always ready to give a "hello" in the morning. I am so sorry for his family.
Name : Jack - Judy's brother
The joy & happiness that you have given not just to myself but to everyone whose life you touched is truly amazing. Thanks for helping my children grow up & have fun doing so. Giving Julie her first concert tickets (backstreet boys) & then finding out that quiet Julie stood on her seat & screamed throughout the concert was a real shocker & a headache for Joanie. Coming early to my house for family functions & taking little Jack golfing & then staying late to play video games with him, always made him happy. Coming to Vegas with Albie & me to celebrate my 40th birthday & watch the super bowl is something I'll never forget. John, I really want to thank you for taking care of my sister & bringing joy & happiness to her. You made her strong like no other person could. Her beautiful smile only got bigger & brighter with every minute she spent with you. I know you will still look upon her & take care of her like only you can. After reading & hearing the wonderful stories that so many people have of you only proves one thing and that is you are truly King John the Great (remember x-mas). Like other great people you will diffently be missed but never forgotten. John if everyone whose life you touched sheds one drop of happiness into the world, we would not have to worry about any droughts. John we love you, and God bless.
Name : Fred and Amy Heineman
Our thought and prayers go out to the Sbarbaro family and all of those who share in Johns loss. A friend from North Carolina.
Name : Angelica Pineiro
I would like to extend my sympathy to his family and friends. My heart goes out to you. Even though I did not know him but a friend who did know him shared this site with me and told me what a wonderful person he was. May he live peacefully in heaven.
Name : Steve DiGirolomo /db
Twenty two years ago I landed a job at the Bay Ridge Post Office with a guy named Bill Sbarbaro.A terrific guy who asked if I knew his son John.A later meeting at a bar called Tuns proved to be the beginning of a friendship that would be both geniune and a hell of alot of fun!From parading around a Vermont ski house with the words PACKERS SUCK written on his and Brian Gormans'chest,to rearranging a Senior Citizen scalping line in front of a Florida Baseball Field,the sight of Johnny's face will always bring a smile to MY face.I will always hold a special place for a special friend.Judy,thanks for being that special person you are and making John happy all these years.I was so glad we had that time together at Bugouts.It meant alot to see you guys then.Please know your friends are here for you always.May you find peace in knowing that your lives together was something special and you will have that forever.Thanks for the ride home John.I hope I made you you,db
Name : Ronnie (Hassett) Caravello
My sincerest sympathy to all of you. My sister Arlene shared this website with me. The pictures of the past brought back memories of your family to me. My sister reminded me that Mr. Sbarbararo danced with her at her 8th grade dance because our Dad (Joe Hassett)had been disabled. What a great family! I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you all. Sincerely, Ronnie & Family
Name : Anthony Todaro
John - my friend, my golfing buddy, my family - I will hold dear the happy memories I have of our time spent together - the many vacations to Hilton Head, the golf trips to Myrtle Beach and all the rounds of golf. I will miss taking "skins" from you only to lose to you in "Olympics". I will miss trying to out-drive the rain with the convertible top down. I will miss our 45 hole days in Myrtle Beach (we never were able to finish that third round in a day). John - nothing will be the same without your smiling face and constant joking - no vacation we take or golf round I play will go by without the fond memories of you flooding my mind. You're in a better place now. One free from the evil that took yours and many others lives much too soon. God bless you're family and friends who loved you so dearly.
Name : John "Geba" Gawel
I first met John in '78, we played darts together at the Amber Cafe. We fell out of touch for awhile until I ran into him on the golf course. John always wanted to win & he often did, but he was always a class act when he lost. I always felt better about myself after being with John. The annual trip to the Neville will never be the same. My hearfelt condolences to the entire family.
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