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Name : Kathy
Another year has gone by but you are forever in our hearts and thoughts! Every day! 9/11/14
Name : Chris Larney
Thirteen years later and I still see faces of people who touched my life. I am a bit ashamed to say this but I did not know that "my coach" at Rockne Football had perished that day. I was a NYC Firefighter who responded that morning, my grieving was centered on colleuges I lost that day. To the family of "coach John" , thank you for allowing him to share his life with us at the field. "Coach John" I can say in all honesty was the coach who allowed me to flourish as a football player that year. I wish the family all the peace and love that comes your way.
Name : Colleen Scalzo
God Bless! 9/11/14
Name : Kathy
Today and every day you are in our hearts and minds, with love... 9/11/15
Name : Colleen
God Bless! 9/11/15
Name : Kathy
Thinking of you today , 15 years later, as I do every day. Forever in our hearts and thoughts. Missing you. 9-11-16
Name : Colleen
God Bless!
Name : Pat Doran
Well pal this coming week is a tough one (as it is every year). Tomorrow is 16 long years since I lost you my good friend and 30 years since my dad George(Arnie)went to be with the Lord. I still remember vividly those nights after my dad and I worked a wedding at Sirico's and I'd say dad you wanna go home or go out for a while. His eyes would twinkle and he'd say "let's go visit Johnny for a few". And we'd head up to Tuns Tavern and laugh with you. You know he loved you like a son. I miss you both terribly. God bless you both.
Name : Kathy
Another year had gone by and another year of missing you. Never forgotten 9-11-17
Name : Kathy
Always in our heart and thoughts. With love... 9/11/18
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