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Name : Ryan your nephew
I wish i could have known you better and i will always remember you
Name : Johnathan - your nephew
I know I never met you but I know I am named after you - I love you - we all love you
Name : Sal Palacino
On the 10th anniversary of you leaving us, I am remembering your vibrant spirit on the golf course. Many birdies my frind !
Name : Kaitlyn your cousin
not a day goes by that i dont think about you. i cnat believe its been 10 years. you are always in my heart. i love you. We all love you 9/11/11
Name : Joanie Maresca Butman
Thinking of you today.
Name : joanie your cousin
i miss you and your smile. We all love and miss you, till we meet again. xoxo
Name : Joe Herbert
John, I just discovered this website (some detective ehh.) I think of you often, and a smile comes to my face just like when I ran into you in Bay Ridge. It is great to see your well earned positive legacy alive on this website. You were always a class act and you always brought joy and happiness to our lives. Give Hambone a couple of noogies for me!!
Name : Rick Ortiz
John, Ricky had a HS Season that would make you proud...I mention you to him or have him wear one of your in Memory of Shirts when he plays. Going on over 10 years since you were taken from us, & if you're not to busy up there golfing, sking or whatever the cool guys do up there, know that you our still in our Hearts & a piece of you will always play down here...Let me know what college you want him to play at next year... RO
Name : Kathy
Happy Birthday John. Thinking of you today. Love and miss you. 4/3/12
Name : Colleen
God Bless!! 9/11/12
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