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Name : Judy – “My Husband”, Soul Mate, The Love of My Life
John, where do I begin? I had 3 dreams in my life. First and most important was that the only thing I ever wanted in my life was to be with someone that I truly loved and truly loved me. Someone that was fun, that I could laugh with, was sensitive, intelligent, cute (love that moustache), charming, caring, kind and loving. Someone that I could be content with no matter what we were doing. Even if it was sitting watching a football game. Someone I could talk to for hours that would sit and listen and always provide me with great advice. Someone that would bring a smile to my face by just being with him. Someone that loved me for the person I was and didn’t want to change me. Someone that loved life and lived each day to it’s fullest. And I found all of this and much more with you. My second dream was to go to “Hawaii” with this person. You didn’t just take me there but everything was first class. And I remember saying to you when we arrived “you could have had a hut on the beach and that would have been fine as long as we were together”. Remember we woke up every morning and said, “we were truly in Paradise”. But I know that just being with each other was truly paradise. Aloha forever! Last was my dream to have a place on the beach. And somehow you managed that beautiful place on Sanibel Island. Loved those days on the beach and our bike rides for grouper caeser salads and those ice-cold beers. Or just sitting on our terrace having a glass of wine. Or watching a beautiful sunset. Again, it didn’t matter where we were as long as we were together. You have fulfilled all my dreams in my life. But the one I will treasure the most was knowing how much we loved each other and both knew how much we were meant to be together and how much fun we shared together. We were so perfect together! Now I only have one last dream and that is for “Peace on Earth”. And somehow I know you’ll manage to fulfill that dream as well. Until we meet again, John, I do not want a barstool next to you like our nephews; I do want us on the couch with your arms wrapped tightly around me watching a movie, Jets, Mets, Rangers or Knicks game. You are forever in my heart! I love you always! Yours forever, Judy.
Name : Kathy - your "baby" sister
Johnny – as I sit here thinking of you so many memories flash through my mind. As my “big brother” you protected me, as my “financial advisor” you guided me and as my friend you made me laugh & smile. I know that you truly “enjoyed life” and as Mom always says – you did it “your way” – which didn’t help sometimes, but I now have a new found appreciation for it. Your way was the crazy way many times and that was one of the things that made you so very special. I know that I was very lucky to have a brother like you – many people have brothers but few have one such as you or a relationship as priceless as ours. It’s hard to imagine a time without you, and going forward my life will never be the same but I promise you that I will be a sister and friend to Judy, I’ll try and get Mom to laugh as only you could and I’ll keep your spirit alive – Ryan will know his “Godfadda”. Looking back I remember what a blast you had at my wedding and the “Mating Call of the Clam” will live on ……. I love you and will miss you for a lifetime – you are and always will be my Big Brother.
Name : Eddie O'Toole
Kathy, That is a beautifull tribute that you have composed to John defining the love and admiration felt by you, your family and Judy. I am positive that he is very proud of you for being able to share your emotions in such an elegant way with those of us who were blessed enough to be able to call John our friend. I moved to Bayridge in 1976 and was introduced to a group of great guys the following year from Tuns Tavern. They asked if I wanted to play football with their team and it was at that time that I first met John and was lucky to join a huge group of guys that were already friends of John. It was good to be a part of that fraternity. I played ball with John and the Tuns/ Libations teams for 10 years and enjoyed every minute we spent together as friends and teamates. John was respected and loved by all who knew him. I moved to Staten Island and New Jersey a number of years ago and didn't get to see John or the other guys as often as I did when still in the "Ridge". We would enjoy ourselves at the annual alumni game the week before the Super Bowl, organized and orchestrated by Jim "The Snake" Chirico as the "Stupid Bowl". John and Judy were also good enough to accept my fiance Vicki's invitation to celebrate my 50th birthday party a number of years ago. As was his way, his was one of the most "imaginative" gifts I would receive that night. On the humorous side. John's humor and leadership qualities were always evident as well. Many times he was very successful in influencing and convincing other friends to get involved in some of the most hilariest situations to create laughs and fun among our group. Such things as the annual Mets spring training trip, attending a teamates wedding ceremony at St. Pat's in Tuns football uniforms a few hours after having played in a play-off game, a specific trip to my group house to the Jersey Shore and a number of us going to John, Brian and Tex's house up in Hunter Mt. On the serious side. I keep a Tuns Team picture in my desk draw to always remind me of the great times we all had together. I have also used that picture many times to draw strength and inspiration from another friend and team member from those years, Tony Cosentino, who passed away from brain cancer a few years ago. Out of respect and love to John, and how he has touched all of us, I will also focus on his face in that photo and pray for the goodness and inspiration that he has provided to all of us who loved him. Kathy, may God bless you all. John was the best. Eddie
Name : Mike Zuckerbrow and Family
Dear Kathy and the rest of the Sbarbaro family, We just wanted you to know, you are not alone. Our hearts ache together and our tears fall together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day… And though a loss as great as yours is very hard to bear, it may help a bit to know, that we truly care.
Name : Stu Nemkowitz
What can I say? I will always remember Johnny's off hand sense of humor. I will always remember the holidays or events watching the football games with John. Oh those Jets. But there was always hope of a winning season next year with Johnny. This all seems so unfair. Your family has endured more than any family should ever have to endure. You should always know that your friends will always be there for you always, because you have always been there for us. My prayers and thoughts are with you always.
Name : Cousin Paul and Nancy Campagnino
As I look at the pictures on this web site I remember what made John so dear to us all. I see the smile that was his trademark. I see the way John LIVED life to the fullest. I recall all the family Holidays we shared but most of all I see the love he had and shared with all his family,friends and love ones . John took chances in life and that is one of the things I most admiried about him. Even though I am the oldest male cousin I looked up to him. I am very thankfull I had special times and many endearing conversations with him. I spent many a night at Libations with John where we laughed and cried together. I remember my 40th Birthday and many barbeques we shared. I remember the great times we had at Lake Hopatcong as kids. John was BIG on family and always shared his busy life with us, he made time for us all. I will always see his smiling face as long as I live and will welcome death because I know I will see him again in HEAVEN. Our love to Judy, Kathy,Bill and my Aunt Rose. Nancy and I will be praying for you all.I know Johns love for us all will get us to smile again. Love Paul and Nancy
Name : Theresa Cavallaro
What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. He was blessed with a family who truly honored his life here on earth. Wishing God's blessings for him and all his family.
Name : Jim Clark
John was one of the best young men we had in Troop #23 in the Boy Scouts at Our Lady of Angels. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Name : Luz E. Perez(Lucy-Ferrara's Secratary)
Kathy, I don't know what to say. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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